StephenCurtisChapmanFrank Reed and I share a long history together. For over 20 years it’s always been a pleasure to join Frank on the radio, or have him introduce me in concert. He’s been a supportive friend and the consummate professional. I always love when Frank shares his stories and now they’re all captured here, in ‘Frankly Speaking.’ His journey through secular radio, to finding Christ, his wife Patti, and his on air ‘home’ at KLTY in Dallas-Ft. Worth. It’s an address I hope he keeps for years to come! Within these pages you have the opportunity to look into the heart of the man behind the microphone, my good friend Frank Reed.

Steven Curtis Chapman,
Nashville, Tennessee

I first heard Frank Reed’s name when I was living in San Antonio working as a radio station manager. A colleague of mind told me about the new guy he just hired to host his morning show on his Christian radio station in New York. “He used to work at NBC,” my friend said. “Middays. Between Don Imus and Howard Stern.” My first thought? I hope he really loves Jesus! This is the compelling story of a guy who learned that you can be working at a top station in the #1 market in the USA and, as Bono said, “you still haven’t found what you’re looking for.” Along the way, he learned that his love for Jesus and his love for the magic of radio can fit perfectly together. And in the process, he’s touched a lot of people’s lives. I loved reading his story. I think you will too.

Bob Lepine, Family Life Today,
Little Rock, Arkansas

Frank Reed has shown his gift of storytelling for decades on the radio. It is obvious from this book he can tell a compelling story with the keyboard too! As I read his words, I could visualize the lake house he built in Orlando, his best friend Josh, the limo driver that was waiting for him at LaGuardia and what it must have been like for a young guy from Florida to be living in Manhattan, as part of one of the most accomplished air staffs in the radio industry. If you’ve ever thought about what it would be like to have your ‘dream job,’ and how faith can play an integral part, read this book!

Tim Dukes, Chief Operating Officer,
Halftime Ministries, Dallas, Texas

dan and bookI’ve always known that Frank had a way with words. For twenty-plus yearsI’ve laughed and cried as his rich voice inspired and informed listeners of all ages on KLTY Radio in Dallas. So it’s no surprise that the man who has held my attention behind the microphone carried that same authenticity and character to the written page. Yet, here I found more to the man than just the incredible ‘radio’ voice-celebrity. In the pages of his book, I found a jazzy wordsmith willing to share his authentic and sometimes painful journey. And once again, I found myself laughing, crying, and learning as he shared his journey of career, family, and faith. At some point, (as is often the case with many of my morning drives listening) I found myself wishing it didn’t have to end so soon.

Dan Dean, Phillips, Craig and Dean,
Colleyville, Texas

It’s the early 80s and I am sitting at my desk when the receptionist comes to my door and says, “Frank Reed is on the phone.” I say, “Yeah, right,”thinking it is a joke. Why would the midday host at WNBC call me? A week later he is in my living room listening to CCM music with me and my wife, Ellen. That began a friendship that lasts to this day. It has been a joy to follow Frank in his professional and spiritual journey as he has impacted thousands of lives along the way. Those who listen to him daily on KLTY in Dallas will find that his easy-going, conversational on-air manner translates beautifully to print, so ‘Frankly Speaking’ is like having him over for coffee. I urge you to spend some time with this book and get to know my friend Frank. He has a wonderful story that just may surprise you.

Lloyd Parker, Chief Operating Officer, WAY Media, Inc.
Colorado Springs, Colorado

I’ve known Frank Reed for twenty five years and I am privileged to call him my friend. There is one word that describes him; genuine. There is nothing phony about him. He is genuine through and through. He knows his sins have been forgiven and he knows God’s love for him never fails. His story is all about this wonderful good news of Jesus Christ being lived out in daily life. Read this book and at the end you will feel like Frank is your personal friend. You will laugh and cry with him along his journey. You will also be inspired and encouraged by him, inspired to take God at his word, and encouraged to trust Jesus in every area of your life.

Bob Christopher, Host of Basic Gospel Radio, author of ‘Love Is’,
Denton, Texas

Frank Reed is the consummate storyteller. Sometimes he uses his own words, sometimes songs or the stories of others. But you don’t have to dig very deep to find Frank’s greatest passion, his love for Christ and His people. So make a full pot of coffee and curl up somewhere quiet and enjoy this journey.

Sheila Walsh, author of ‘The Storm Inside,’
Frisco, Texas

It’s always been a pleasure to share life and music with Frank during our many visits together through the years. ‘Frankly Speaking’ has given me the opportunity to get to know more about the life of my friend behind the microphone. If you enjoy Frank on the air, I’m certain you will enjoy Frank the author. And what a great surprise to hear that Frank was playing my songs on WNBC in New York! I’m certain you will be inspired as you follow his journey of faith. ‘Frankly Speaking’ is very much like Frank himself; honest, transparent, and real.

Michael W. Smith, Singer/Songwriter,
Franklin, Tennessee